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From Our Hands To Your Health

Muscles-N-Motion Therapeutic Massage By Denise Johnson, BCLMT

Got Pain? We can help!

Web Store

Web Store

The Ultimate Indulgence! This detailed extra long full body custom massage allows more time to focus on those problem areas that may need a kittle more TLC. Want extra time on your head or feet? Maybe want mpore time spent on your glutes, hips and legs? or maybe on the back, neck and shoulders? Whichever you choose, this service is for you! This extra long service allows time for stretching and detailed work leaving you feel renewed with reduced pain and stiffness. 

To purchase, please do not add to cart on this page. Instead, scroll down under pictures and click on the yellow link bar that says  "BUY A SERIES AND SAVE" to take you to the ordering and purchase page


All Gift Certificates 10 Pack 45 Min Session Series 10 pack 75 min Session Series 6 pack 45 min Session Series 6 pack 75 min Session Series 3 pack 45 min Session Series 3 Pack 75 min Session Series 10 pack 105 min Session Series 12 pack 75 min Session Series 12 pack 105 min Session Series 6 pack of 105 3 pack 105 min Session Series 12 pack 45 min Session Series Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Vibroacoustic Sound Lounge Therapy

Experience The Mind/Body Journey

Vibroacoustic Sound Lounge Therapy takes you on a Mind/Body journey into a  deep relaxation using the technology of music. sound frequencies and audio vibrations which relaxes the body and clears the mind which results to a deep meditative, relaxed state. 

This technology delivers a non invasive massage like stimulation which is great when used before or after a massage. We offer 22 minute, 33 minute and 66 minute sessions for $20, $30 and $60. Come explore your inner journey of peace and relaxation today!