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From Our Hands To Your Health

Muscles-N-Motion Therapeutic Massage By Denise Johnson, BCLMT

Got Pain? We can help!

Custom Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

45 min Custom, Detailed, Upper or Lower Body Therapeutic Massage

A Custom detailed 45 min bodywork session focusing on your specific problem areas. Are you a runner, cyclist, or have low back, hip, knee or ankle problems? Let's focus on your lower body & extremities. Got a crick in your neck, bad posture, shoulder issues, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or migraines? Let's focus on your Neck, Back, Shoulders and upper extremities! A combination of slow deliberate, deep tissue, sports, myofascial release and trigger point therapy


75 min Custom Full Body Therapeutic Massage

Relax and decompress from your work week or every day stressors. Get those kinks rubbed, cupped and stretched out for more flexibility. This is a 75 min custom full body massage including Swedish, deep tissue, stretching, sports, neuromuscular, cranial sacra, and myofascial release techniques that will leave you feeling renewed, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Cupping, aromatherapy, hot towels, heat packs and hot stones may also be used. 


105 min Detailed Endulgent Full Body Custom Therapeutic Massage

The ultimate indulgence! This Custom, Detailed full body massage incorporating all of the above techniques which allows more time to focus on those problem areas that need extra TLC. Want extra time on your feet, head, hands, face, jaw, glutes, legs, neck, back, etc? This is the service for you! This extra long service allows time for stretching and detailed work on those pesky problem areas. Cupping, aromatherapy, hot towels, heat packs and hot stones may also be used.


Prenatal Massage 75 Min

Are you expecting? Indulge in this bodywork session taylored to the needs of your pregnancy of pure rest and relaxation, Increased circulation, decreased edema and inflammation, increased lymph drainage and lots of TLC. Every Body needs to be kneaded. Especially expecting mothers!

Must be past the first trimester to receive massage.


Purchase A Series of services and SAVE $ SAVE $

SAVE $ !!!!! Its like getting "FREE" services! Must be purchased all at once as a series!

Just click on the yellow "Buy Series" button to view and purchase!

Save $10 per session when you purchase a series of 3 - massages

Save $15 per session when you purchase a series of 6 - massages

Save $20 per session when you purchase a series of 10 or 12 - massages

Be sure to check out our Specials during holidays and special occasions,

20% off all single massage services for all new clients on their first visit!

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Cupping is an ancient form of alternative therapy which uses suction and vacuum cups to release adhesions and congestion in your body which has been known to bring blood to the surface and move it through the body which induces recovery of damaged, injured tissue. Cupping may leave red marks or bruising on the skin which promotes healing to the area. 

Cupping may be added to any massage session, and we also sell cupping sessions as a stand alone service

45 Minutes 


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Vibroacoustic Thera​py 

Service - Vibroacoustic Therapy 

22 minute 

Not a lot of extra time on your hands? Want to hang out for additional time after your massage?  No problem. This 22 min Sound Lounge session can be all you need to end a long day or add  your Sound Lounge / Vibrational Session to any massage either before or after your service for a relaxing Vibrational Sound full body Journey to ease the mind and relax the body. You will be craving more!


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Service - Vibroacoustic Therapy

33 minute

This Sound Lounge / Vibrational Mind /  Full Body Journey  will clear your mind and relax your body and can be added  either before or after a massage or as a stand alone session. Add some extra relaxation time to your massage service and explore deep relaxation. Just have 33 min to unwind? No problem Come explore the sensations of sound and vibration on your way home from work or

 on your day off.


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Service - Vibroacoustic Therapy 

66 minute 

Come explore the ultimate of Relaxation and deep meditation.Go on a Mind Body journey within yourself to ease the stressors of every day life. Its been a rough ride for many .Take some time for yourself. Unwind, Forget the deadlines, the expectations, the stressors, and drift away  through the technology of Vibroacoustic Therapy! Explore what Sound Music and Vibration can do for the soul. 


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Learn How Vibroacoustic Therapy Can Benefit You!

Welcome to the world of Vibroacoustic Sound Lounge Technology. 

The sound lounge offers you a quiet, private, relaxing space all to yourself while experiencing a mind body, sound and vibrational experience like never before. 

Choose between our 22, 33 or 66 minute journeys. 

The Sound Lounge offers a non invasive, 3D massage like experience, through audio headphones while laying on a comfortable table equipped with transdusers which deliver the low audio frequesncies in the form of deep relaxing vibration which has been known to relax the nervous system, slowdown those busy brainwaves, increase circulation, promotes the production of ATP (energy) in the cells, reduces inflamation which eases pain and discomfort and assists in recovery and repair,  which in turn relaxes the mind for better thinking and deeper focus, creativity and sleep. Doesnt get any better than that! 

Take your mind and body on a deep meditative journey to ease your worries, forget the stressors in your every day life, ease your pain and discomfort, and get your brain functioning on all levels! Book your session today! 

(Vobroacoustic Therapy is offered in the Roswell Location Only)